Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

1. Names and Titles. The executed Master Service Agreement (“MSA”) constitutes a license agreement between the licensee (“Member”) that executed the licensor: GW Collaborative Workplaces (the “Virtual Business Center Operator”) listed in the Virtual Business Center Summary section of the Terms and Conditions. The Business Center Operator is an independent owner an operator of the Member’s home GW Collaborative Workplaces location (“Business Center”). 2. Invoices. Recurring invoices will be distributed via email and will include any: 1) recurring monthly fees as described in the MSA, which are billed in advance and 2) usage charges for the previous month. Any one-time expenses such as setup fees and late fees or prorated monthly fees may be invoiced at any time. 3. Payment. Payment is due upon receipt. A grace period of five days is given after the invoice date. All month-to-month Members are required to be on an auto-bill system using a valid debit card, credit card or checking account. Auto-bill payments are charged to the debit card or credit card or debited from the checking account. Checks are accepted ad may be mailed to the Virtual Business Center. All set up fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of service. No cash payments will be accepted. If Member has selected auto-bill, Member has authorized the Virtual Business Center to charge Member’s account for all fees due under the MSA. Member can pay through other cash applications with written consent from the Virtual Business Center prior to transaction. 4. Late Fees and Insufficient Funds. For invoices not paid after the 5-day grace period, a late fee will be assessed in the amount of 10% of the overdue balance. The Business Center will not be responsible for any insufficient fund fees charged by Member’s bank as a result of auto-bill. The Business Center will charge a minimum fee of $25 each time any invoice amount due by Member cannot be collected due to insufficient funds. 5. Price Changes and Terms and Conditions. All month-to-month MSA pricing, additional services, and meeting space pricing is subject to change with 30 day notice from the Virtual Business Center via email. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and are available upon request from the Virtual Business Center. If changes are made to the Terms and Conditions, Members will be notified via email. Additional service fees and pricing may vary from business center to business center. 6. Service Provisions. Services provided to the Member are indicated in the MSA. Some restrictions may apply. Additional services may be added by the Member for an additional cost. The Business Center will notify a Member if it believes that Member’s usage is not in accordance with this policy and may limit the services or implement charges for the excessive usage. 7. Telephone Services. The Virtual Business Center agrees to supply reasonable business level telephone service if applicable. If such service is suspended for maintenance or fail for any reason, Member shall not be entitled to any financial damages from the Business Center regarding loss of service, including consequential damages, and the Virtual Business Center’s responsibility shall be to restore the service as soon as commercially reasonable. 8. Telephone Numbers and Porting. Members using telephone services have the option of using a phone number supplied by the Virtual Business Center or retaining their own phone number which they forward to the Virtual Business Center. Porting phone numbers can be requested but it is not guaranteed. If this is guaranteed further terms must be agreed to prior to beginning the porting process. 9. Default by Member or Termination by the Business Center. If a Member does not pay its entire invoice by the 20th day after the invoice date or if the Member breaches any other provisions of the MSA, such Member’s license is subject to immediate termination and collection actions. The Business Center also has the right to immediately terminate the license of the MSA for any reason, including but not limited to, if the Member or any of Member’s guests, employees or vendors acts in a way that is incompatible with normal use, is disruptive or disrespectful to other Members or the Virtual Business Center employees or guests, violates any legal or zoning rules or acts in an immoral or unethical manner. Unused monthly services do not have any monetary or exchange value and Member will not receive a refund of any Monthly Fees that have then been paid by Member. Member is not entitled to any refund for any paid services upon termination of the MSA. In both aforementioned situations, the Business Center may discontinue service and restrict the Member’s access to the Virtual Business Center and any Member services, including, but not limited to, changing the password on the Member’s voicemail, discontinuing electronic access, discontinuing live phone answering services, and halting acceptance of mail. Member shall pay upon demand all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by the Virtual Business Center in enforcing the observance and performance by Member of all covenants, conditions and provisions of the MSA, as applicable, to be performed by Member of resulting from Member’s default. If a Member that is terminated for nonpayment, subsequently makes the required payments and then continues service, a new setup fee will be charged. If the Member benefited from a special discount, promotion or offer, the Business Center Operator may discontinue that discount, promotion or offer without notice if the Member materially breaches these terms and conditions. 10. Governing Law. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the state in which the Business Center resides, without reference to principles of conflicts of the state’s law. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to these Terms and Conditions are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of the Virtual Business Center. 11. Nature of the Agreement. The MSA is the equivalent of a revocable license. Member agrees that the MSA creates no tenancy, leasehold estate or any other property interest. Member hereby acknowledges and agrees that the MSA is subordinate to the terms of the lease agreement between the Business Center and its landlord. 12. Liability Disclaimer. Member understands and voluntarily accepts any risks associated with Member’s services or any use of the Virtual Business Center. Except where prohibited by law, Member agrees that Virtual Business Center Operator/ GW Collaborative Workplaces, LLC and all of their affiliates their respective successors, assignees, officers, directors, owners, employees, agents and representatives will not be liable for any injury, including, without limitation, personal, bodily, or mental injury, economic loss, or any damage resulting from negligence and other acts of the Virtual Business Center, its employees, officers, representatives, owners, partners, or affiliates. The Member expressly and specifically agrees to waive, and agrees not to make, any claim for damages, direct, indirect, punitive, special or consequential, including, but not limited to, lost business, revenue, profits or data, for any reason whatsoever arising out of or in connection with this agreement, any failure to furnish any service provided hereunder, any error or omission with respect thereto, from failure of any and all courier service to deliver on time or otherwise deliver any items (mail, packages, etc.), or any interruption of services. 13. Virtual Business Center Summary. The Business Center Operator is an independent owner and operator of the Virtual Business Center. Any legal notice by the Member to the Business Center shall be given in writing by personal delivery, or certified mail with a return receipt requested, in any case delivered to the applicable entity set forth below: Virtual Business Center Operator Company Name: GW Collaborative Workplaces LLC